OBT known bug guides
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ArcheAge (Archeage).

ArcheAge OBT send us deeply appreciate your attention and love.
OBT prior to use, you just need to know he will guide you through a known bug.

Below please make sure it is uncomfortable you do not have to play, I hope.
Information through continuous patch will correct that.

Can not make a reliable service to look forward to.
Thank you.

[List of known bugs]

With a low probability of combat does not unwrap.
Damage figures clad ghost summon technology, skills and relationships to players that do not will be shown.
Continuous technology technology in the window you will only use step 1.

Minions and only attack the target items honor score attack, according to the help, If the rule does not operate normally.

Criminal / outlaw
Occasionally growling on the island after the death of resurrection, if you will fall into the deep ocean.
If a crime occurs on the bridge, the evidence will drop to the bottom of the bridge.
Transition is the same faction wanted and forced to attack the bad guy.
Crimes evidence does not look good in the water.

If you change the resolution of the trial, the trial information window disappears.
Jury disqualified outlaw again, if you can not get qualified jury.
Jury verdict and judgment of the court proceedings, are forced to move if you received an invitation with a low probability of selection.

Death / resurrection>
It is believed the character occasionally standing dead in the state.
Mirage island after the resurrection from death, the character becomes transparent.

Times the repair or the backpacker storage box inside the backpacker surrendered times of a chance to move somewhere else.
Protected areas in the hostile player, a sudden turn, you can not use the technology assault ship a hostile player owned ship steering device.
Sailboat at the helm of the cannon does not seem
(Preferences> Advanced> representation of an object at a distance away if you normally set to at least look.)

Pet, Mounts>
"Cat step" technology to automatically set using the black cat does not use.
Combat pet when continuous shooting, you will not be able to use the technology.
"Gouge" Cat in the distance of the target and schedule the movement does not come out.

<Item Routing>
Loot rules set Binds when picked up Item When set to 'Disable' dice ',' '' dice used in the Settings menu button does not seem.

Windshear Abandoned Mine
Genoa Rudder "hideaway" When you enter a passage drilled using the bombs in the area came from the dungeon and re-drilled passage.

Background / UI>
Spine Mountains> Tigers 'iron mine', which has been deployed in railway rails sizzling ticks visible symptoms.
Mariano platform of the downtown area, sometimes a problem that occurs only in 32-bit PC building appears to vanish.
Boarding possible symptom floating in the air at the airship bridge.
Note probabilistic invisible problem.

Long sandbar Quest "surprise attack" navigation NPC nobles Tahlequah problem pointing direction of Piraeus and elsewhere.
Phillips plains quest to excavate the bones "," quest objective effects that do not appear there is a problem.

Glittering lode mining in the state after being played glittering lode 'appearance can not be seen.
Growing trees, when you change the name or intermittently pass through the model, the appearance may not be visible.
Rainbow fields of vegetation from the surrounding farms and the public can not install the problem. (Reconnection during installation.)
Transactions in progress during an awkward space to move in the chat window, a message is displayed.

On the doors and windows tightly installed the furniture There is a problem with the interaction of crops that can be difficult.
Worms stone effect does not show up in certain situations.
Used items Aran Aran visionary of Megeve, Megeve's a miracle, and then connect again, you can not get the effect.
Feign Death skill when using the cloak is displayed abnormally.
There is a problem with the dive mode when wearing Light Blue Gland effects, depending on the point of disappearing.

<Sky boat>
Phenomena sky boat Tumble skill with the left and right arrow keys, the animation does not come.
Sky boat glide of the forward and reverse camera, looks unusually phenomenon.

Visible architectural windows and doors placed in housing buildings, World distance, when viewed as an open problem.
Some furniture installation stochastic Furniture invisible phenomenon.
Classification tab of previously selected tab warehouse full of items you see there is a problem.
The amount of tax paid housing individual nameplate information of the view that the amount of tax and other issues.
Interactions inside the stove can not be recovered when installing furniture.

Newly created combat chat tab does not display the message.

There is a problem with the letter returned in the list is grayed out.
Inbox acquire the amount of 'money' button, the Delete button is disabled when there is a problem.
Level limit system messages in the window that appears behind the auction house UI problems. Award
Bag full status on the item at the time of purchase, the phenomenon that the system output which is marked with the contents of the previous message.