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2013-01-14 update 2013-01- 17: 23 | Inquiry 1388
Goodbye is.
Archie age (ArcheAge) is.

Guidance gives update contents January 14th, 2013.

[January 14th update particulars]

Changed the server list exposure method of the server selection screen.

< Moderation >
Although in the continent of different power moderation, in order for the footprint not to create.
- Only, the case which will plant the crops to the continent of different power, when the character which belonged to the continent which was located frost and the footprint remains.

< Item >
All crops and the tree, when established the livestock at the kitchen garden or shared facility outside, in order for after 24 hours to disappear the right of ownership, amended.

< Bug fix >
The connection of the character which is in the unpublished area smooth, amended the error be.
Processed the optimization work to improve some client crash actual condition.