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Thema: Aktuelle News aus der Releaseversion

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    Der wöchentliche Bannreport:

    2013년 5월 20일(월) 불법 프로그램 제재 안내

    2013-05-20 11:00 | 조회 1071 안녕하세요.
    5월 20일 불법 프로그램 제재 현황을 안내 드립니다.
    5월 13일부터 19일까지 3,878 개 계정에 대해서 불법 프로그램과 관련하여
    영구 이용 제한 조치하였습니다.

    앞으로도 꾸준히 불법 프로그램 관련 조사를 진행하여 단호히
    대처해 나가도록 하겠습니다.

    항상 고맙습니다.
    eh**** 89**** dp**** la**** 6m**** pj****
    tb**** 9q**** co**** da**** gg**** 5f****
    ry**** 94**** cw**** qw**** ng**** 4x****
    52**** xs**** cs**** 7q**** nb**** sd****
    eq**** sl**** fi**** lx**** ts**** sm****
    2h**** sl**** cs**** mk**** fg**** vs****
    sa**** vb**** j5**** ou**** gh**** sf****
    dl**** a5**** co**** 23**** wu**** 5a****
    br**** cp**** co**** y2**** fy**** nx****
    tp**** kc**** hu**** gg**** gd**** hu****

    외, 3,818개 계정

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    ArcheAge Homecoming Event Extension guide for anyone connected
    2013-05-20 19:04 | Views 5226

    Hi there,
    ArcheAge ArcheAge.

    Would like to thank the members like to send ArcheAge
    Homecoming events gratitude is extended as follows.

    ■ Homecoming events extending
    Periodic inspection until July 3, 2013

    ArcheAge Following the events of Homecoming access all ready for a new service and,
    More your type of service where you can enjoy ArcheAge willingly.
    We will give detailed guidance for the new service in mid-June.

    Ask a lot of interest in new services ArcheAge deurimyeo
    The Homecoming event also enjoy the fun.

    Sent to ArcheAge your mind deeply engraved.
    I hope to be loved for a long time in ArcheAge.

    Thank you always.

    Das Homecoming Event wurde bis zum 03.07.2013 verlängert.
    Das heißt:

    Free to play
    Portsteine täglich
    und die anderen Bonis.

    Merken wir uns also den 03.07.2013 mal vor.
    Das riecht nach Season Update 2.

    Dennoch hat ArcheAge momentan mit seinem Imageschaden zu kämpfen.
    Anbei die aktuellen Charts:

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    Mal hier, Mal da
    Ist nicht das f2p zum Teil Schuld am Imageschaden. Schlecht das zu verlängern, Schätze ich.

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    Zitat Zitat von Fido Beitrag anzeigen

    Dennoch hat ArcheAge momentan mit seinem Imageschaden zu kämpfen.
    Anbei die aktuellen Charts:

    Äh, mein Koreanisch ist jetzt nicht so gut, aber welches Spiel davon ist Archeage?

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    Platz 13 mittlerweile wieder

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    So, da Cinderboy es eben veröffentlicht hat, bleibt mir hier nun auch keine andere Wahl mehr.

    Ich habe ja schon erwähnt, dass XLGAMES das "Homecoming Event" mit Free 2 Play Elementen verlängert hat bis zum 03. Juli

    Nun wurden in der koreanischen Medienwelt die ersten Gerüchte laut, dass XLGAMES Mitte Juni im Zuge der Umstellung von Season Update 1 auf 2 die komplette Umstellung des Spiels auf ein Free 2 Play Modell ankündigen könnte.

    Ich denke, die internationale und auch deutsche "Fachpresse" wird sich wieder wie ein Geier auf diese mmoculture News stürzen, daher könnte das heute ein interessanter Tag werden...

    Do note that the above report is just a rumour, with nothing concrete at this point of time. More information to be posted if the mid-June announcement is real. And yes, the latest mount in ArcheAge is a car.

    Update: Habe eine Quelle gefunden:

    아키에이지, 요금제 전환 6월 발표...'부분유료화' 갈까?

    The ArcheAge transition plan, released in June ... 'part to monetize what you think!

    The movement to switch from the existing 'flat-rate' ArcheAge 'partial monetization plan has been captured.

    ArcheAge Official Website Notice the last 20 days the X Games El followed by the Homecoming events, anyone with access to the new service is ready. "ArcheAge enjoy your more willingly in the form of services will be, "he said. Is preparing a reorganization plan. "

    According multiple officials, El X Games for a long time you had to worry about the reorganization plan. Global business model was already the case to a successful transition plan Bluehole Studio's TERA partial monetization of PC online games is because the trend to change with the commercialization of the part in the subscription package sales.

    And China, ArcheAge partial monetization is a promising area of domestic business model of the change of plan, an unavoidable fact, Suisun.

    The ArcheAge On the other hand, settled into June plan modifications, the same will be announced in mid-El X Games officials involved also can not give answer has not yet been determined, "he said.

    Quelle (die bei mmoculture leider fehlt):
    Geändert von Fido (21.05.2013 um 08:48 Uhr)

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    Hoffen wir mal das Trion nicht mitzieht......

    “Wenn dir jemand eine Belohnung für zehn Rattenschwänze verspricht, dann sollte er das tun, weil er diese zehn Rattenschwänze wirklich braucht und nicht weil ein NPC ein Ausrufezeichen über dem Kopf hängen hat.”

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    lasst euch überraschen... bei TRION... naja, RIFT wird ja nun auch Free to Play... warum ArcheAge nicht direkt mit in den Zug packen ?!
    Eventuell war es ja von vorne hinein so geplant, auch von XL Games... auch wenn man sich, wie soviele andere auch Anfangs davon abgewandt hat ( offiziell )... wer weiss wie es intern da abläuft...


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    Change in Terms and Conditions / ArcheAge Wed, May 29, 2013
    2013-05-21 17:37 | Views 1463

    Hi there,
    ArcheAge ArcheAge.

    The ArcheAge Terms and Conditions will changed.

    Prevent any inconvenience to the the ArcheAge service please refer to the information below, please note.

    1 Major changes
    Before After Change to Main Content
    "] Teukchik 2 of Article 20 of the user interface (UI), Add-ons (Add-on)
    Certain cases (1) The Company, the User add-on to the game service in the environment
    You may be allowed to use. However, users in using the add-on
    Of the subparagraphs below should be followed strictly.
    1) add a game server, game, or to other users, the negative impact
    Arrangements. These add-ons in order to protect the game service company
    You can take measures to limit the use of the service users to use.
    2) add code to be released so that users can easily see,
    Should not hide or cover the action.
    3) Add-ons must be distributed free of charge.
    4) add-ons created by the youngrijeok, distribution, and should not be used.
    5) actions, including actions, including asking for a donation to the add-on advertising
    Is prohibited.
    6) add-on, insulted, be offensive content, the intellectual property rights of others, including
    Content that violates the rights should not be included.
    7) add-ons that assist to build a gaming experience that users can enjoy.
    Shall be used only for the purpose to be used for any other purpose or by any means,
    Can not.
    (2) for the stable operation of the gaming service at any time, the user is busy or
    You may not have the right to work you plan to use the functionality of the add-on.
    (3) The company is in the form that is prohibited by this provision users to create or distribute any of the add-on
    Obscured the seriousness of such conduct and to take measures to limit the use of the service.
    For all add-ons that can work in the environment (4) the company's gaming services.
    Intellectual property rights held by the Company, and users to create, distribute, and use it in the company.
    Does not claim rights on this. Create a new add-on content
    Article 31 (Exemption)
    Section 8
    Company due to the responsibility of the reasons that the computer environment of the user, the company is liable for indemnification through a network environment that occur on various issues, such as access delay, damages (game currency, items such as the loss of virtual assets due to the so-called rack. assumes no responsibility for, etc., etc.). Article 31 (Exemption)
    Section 8
    For company through a network environment that occur on various issues, such as access delay due to the responsibility of the reasons that the computer environment of the user, the company immunity due to the rack, and the so-called loss of virtual assets, such as damages (game currency, items, etc.) shall not be liable for damage, due to various problems incurred due to the use of the add-on installation, Adding an Add-on content

    - View Complete Terms and Conditions.
    -View professional revised Terms and Conditions.

    2 Revision time
    - The revised Terms and Conditions will become effective as of 29 May 2013.

    If you have any other questions, these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and processing with respect to the revised operating policies
    Hope, please contact the Customer Care Center If you do not agree to the amended Terms become members and be able to request the withdrawal of
    Separate physicians choose not to display until May 28, 2013 amendments to the terms and conditions, please agree with the new Terms.
    It is considered to be in continuous service doctor.

    Thank you.

    Kurzfassung: Add-Ons sind ab 29. Mai erlaubt, Details in den Regeln!

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    Sind damit WoW like AddOns gemeint?




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